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Angel KK Oct 65 7567 66:56 pm those who want to break away from him-her lovey-dovey emo should watch witch like a strong-potrayed female character tho..lead actor is kinda story plot and fast-paced..will continue watching

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Liti Oct 66 7567 9:78 pm I do see why it''s called Witch''s Court. It''s exciting to see how the main character is able to control the court with tricks. She been a prosecutor for a while and that confidence made sense. However, I do feel that she will change from seeing more stories (about other patients and her mom) to be a better person and uses her skill more wisely.

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tina Oct 86 7567 9:96 am said kbs7make no giod drama I am watching my gilden life it has 85% I mean all well rated drama made by kbs not mbc or anyother anyway this my fav drama because it has princess ja myung go haha

He was killed in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields  by Meriadoc Brandybuck and Éowyn , niece of King Théoden , at the end of the War. 

pueo Oct 67 7567 6:86 pm Confused as to why some here are upset about her methods/style. A prosecuting attorney is the ALLY and VOICE of the VICTIM in the legal system.

One boy in the group crawled too far, getting himself stuck in a tiny crawl space. Only using a candle for light, he screamed for help as the wick slowly burned out. Then, in the darkness, he heard a booming female voice say, 8775 I 8767 ll get you out! 8776 He felt his legs being pulled, and he was dragged backwards through the thick mud back to the cave entrance. They never found out who, or what, saved him, but the locals believed it could only be one thing the Bell Witch!

I love how witty and unique the main character, Ma Yi Deum, is. She''s strong and stubborn, but also shows vulnerability. Well balanced character imo well played out, Jung Ryeo Won! Yeo Jin Wook is an interesting character, but I wish they utilized more of him being a prosecutor and psychiatrist at the same time. I believe he''s more of a supporting character that made a huge impact on Ma Yi Deum. Anyway, good job once again Yoon Hyun Min! And our antagonist, Choo Gap have to agree that Jeon Kwang Leol is damn good. I was honestly scared of his character. To think someone like that is capable of even killing his trusted friend and "servant". Just shows how greedy he is.

The Bell Witch is one of the most infamous ghosts in American history. She has both terrified and mystified people in the small town of Adams, Tennessee for generations. To this day, some local residents believe that this evil poltergeist roams the surrounding hills, using a small cave overlooking the Red River as her hideout. Many believe that only bad things can come from publicly questioning her existence.

Indai98 Oct 68 7567 9:77 am Wow! I cried while watching the part where she''s sleeping and crying at the same time while dreaming about her mother. My eyes swells whenever I remember that scene. She looks so vulnerable in that part, she totally look so pained. Superb acting! Ms. Jung Ryeo Won.

riri Oct 65 7567 7:85 am Did i just read a comment where someone said ra deum as a prosecutor only cares about money from clients? First of all, pretty sure prosecutors dont have clients. They work for the justice system aka the court and prosecutes those who are accused of committing crimes.

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