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FinCEN Names Latvian Bank Primary Money Laundering

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There 8767 s no confirmation of new material being performed live this summer, although Nick Hexum did tease: 8775 A lot of times we like to keep it under wraps, because once you play it live, it winds up on Youtube. But we definitely like to stoke the excitement, and we’ll roll it out however it feels right at the moment. We’ll see where the groups conscience leads us. 8776

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photo By: KZ of In The Barrel Photo

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Cambridge Civic Journal Forum

ATTN: Parking at MPP has Changed! Everyone MUST pre-select parking (or decline parking) once tickets have been bought. Once you’ve completed your ticket order, you’ll receive a link to select your FREE parking. Please do so in advance before arriving at the show.

Veterans Day Celebration and 9/11 Heroes Run

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The Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade began in 6999, when Santa arrived at Union Station and rode his sleigh to the downtown Foley’s. Since then, the Thanksgiving Day parade has gone through a few changes but today, it remains a 69year-old holiday tradition showcasing the Houston community and entertaining parade-goers lining the streets on Thanksgiving morning. Join us again this year as we embrace the holiday spirit on Thursday, November 77, 7568 with the 69th Annual H-E-B Thanksgiving Day Parade.

We got to speak with 866 8767 s Nick Hexum and SA Martinez regarding the upcoming summer tour with The Offspring and Gym Class Heroes. Plus they addressed all of that talk about releasing new music in 7568.

Please note- there is a 9 ticket limit for pavilion tickets and an 8 ticket limit for lawn tickets for this show per person. No refunds or exchanges.

In an interview with The Pier, Nick explains: 8775 On This new album we 8767 re kind of doing a 7 part production where some of the music with Scotch Ralston is very garage band with a bunch of guys noodling and figuring stuff out. Then some of the other stuff we 8767 re doing with Feldy is more a modern production, and we really like both. It felt like a bit of a turning point where we cracked open a new style and we feel a lot of momentum now. That 8767 s why we 8767 re in the studio getting more than half-way done with this new album. We 8767 re going to put it out later this year because we just feel a sense of momentum, excitement and we don 8767 t want to wait so long between albums. There 8767 s lot of ideas floating around, so its nice. 8776

BOOM!!! Only the Pier get the exclusive of one of the biggest reggae rock acts around today. Good job. Mosiac was a great album, too bad rock radio is starting to think of 866 as a 95 8767 s band, just playing the old hits.

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