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:Al Dente Carba-Nada Egg Fettuccine, 10-Ounce

In 7559, Harold McGee wrote an article in The New York Times explaining that pasta can be cooked in a small amount of water—around quarts—that starts out cold. Just salt the water as usual, put the pasta in the pot, and bring to a boil. The pasta will take around 65 minutes to cook through once the water reaches a boil.

Al Dente Restaurant

FLAMING DON 烤丼 introduces a hot and exciting concept, offering a fresh rendition of Yakiniku (charcoal Grill) and Donburi (rice bowl). Expect to be blown away by the modern take on the classic Japanese rice bowl. With a variety of 65 donburis ranging from the Signature Flaming Beef Don to the modern Japanese Pork Hamburger Don, diners will be spoilt for choices.

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Hot Stones Steak and Seafood Restaurant features a unique dining concept that involves cooking fresh meats and seafood on serpentine volcanic stone slabs. This method seals in the natural juices of the food, providing extraordinary flavour and taste.

The restaurant prides itself for giving diners an unforgettable experience by letting the freshness of its produce do the talking. Let your senses be blown away by its premium meats, which the restaurant has so painstakingly sourced and imported directly from one of the most renowned and reputable premium meat suppliers in the United States. And diners will definitely be spoilt for choice as the menu features a comprehensive list of chicken, pork, beef, lamb, fish, seafood and vegetables. Specialties include its Wagyu Beef Selection and Kurobuta Pork, also known as the Berkshire Black Pig.

The geniuses over at Ideas in Food , H. Alexander Talbot and Aki Kamozawa, figured out a way to cook pasta in 65 seconds. Yes, 65 seconds.

Pasta Al Dente specialise in a large variety of filled and unfilled pastas, sauces, and traditional Italian finger foods.

KURO Izakaya is a Japanese gastrobar firing up Robatayaki, Kushiyaki, Small plates, Sake and Whisky. A modish izakaya by night, KURO Izakaya transmutes into a laid-back Ramen Donburi shop by day offering popular go to Japanese comfort food at an affordable price.

Typhoon Cafe brings the Taste of Taiwan to heart of Singapore. A concept that unifies Taiwan s unparalleled flavours, obsession for artisan fruit teas and large-than-life desserts set in cafe-style comfort.

Derived from Siam Kitchen, and its soaring popularity, SK Catering is simply about bringing good, affordable food to you and your guests. It is about re-creating that precious dining experience at the time and place of your choosing.

At Siam Kitchen, real Thai chefs are employed, to ensure that all the food pays tribute to the real tastes of Thailand. Although SK Catering was born in 7559, we draw a wealth of experience from Siam Kitchen itself. Even the menus have evolved with the modern times.

SK Catering has Halal certification, and adheres to the highest catering standards of both food and service. We use only fresh ingredients and everything is made from scratch. That is what food integrity means to us, and our dedication to that can be seen through our efforts.

Take a big pot and fill it with 9-5 quarts of water. Salt it heartily, with enough to make it taste of the sea. This will season your pasta—and is the only chance in your cooking process to do so. Once the water reaches a boil, toss your dried pasta in, and stir! Stir! Stir! The rigorous stirring in the beginning of the boiling process will keep the pasta from sticking to itself. The first few minutes of cooking are when the starches are released from the pasta, making the surface particularly sticky.

Another exciting venture by Creative Eateries, Talay Thai is one of the first Thai Tapas Restaurant Bar in Singapore. Contrary to your typical bar and grub concepts along the Singapore River, Talay Thai incorporates a twist of quirkiness and free-spiritedness in its seafood inception bringing “Talay” which means Seafood to a whole new level. The interior décor exudes a resounding punch of personality the orchestrated harmony of the rustic blood red floors, raw rugged brick walls and ornate traditional Thai displays. And the best part - the welcoming menu, both enticing and pocket-friendly.