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T6experimental, AlphT6experimental: These experimental options use the LaTeX T6 font encoding for maths. This may be useful in combination with the LaTeX T6 text fonts (ec fonts), because there is a visual difference between the ec sans serif text fonts and the cm sans serif math fonts, especially at larger font sizes. However, instead of using these options it is recommended to include the package fix- to reduce the ugliness of the ec sans serif fonts and the differences between the ec text fonts and the cm math fonts add

Tetex-latex--__ CentOS 5 Download

The Latin Modern fonts (option lm ) are provided only with LaTeX T6 encoding since support for T6 encoding is experimental with (see below), Latin Modern support ist experimental as well.

Installing font (stix), sty not found - TeX - LaTeX Stack

I dumped all the files in their respective folder (. all .vf in vf/ , without a subfolder for stix) so it is messy. I will test with subfolders later, according to the structure described here: Manual font installation.

The package already provides sans serif math fonts, so is not really necessary except if the different handling of bold math fonts is desired: does not provide bold maths, whereas with bold (but upright) maths is provided.

slantedGreek: This option is similar to the slantedGreek option in packages such as or : The uppercase Greek letters, which are usually not slanted in math mode, will be displayed slanted (if slanted shapes are available).

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Explanation of abbreviations: it: italic shape, up: upright shape, bf: boldface series, md: medium series, rm: Roman family, sf: Sans serif family.

The packages and are reported to have several deficiencies with respect to font metrics and macro implementation using these fonts is not recommended by author of . With the option tx (or px ), only the Helvetica-derived sans serif txfonts are used without loading the complete package. This may be a useful compromise if slanted bold uppercase Greek letters are required and the package is used for the text fonts.

cm, lm, helvet, cmbright, tx, or px: If none of these options is used, tries to use the same font for sans serif maths as selected for sans serif text (., \sfdefault ). Therefore, you must include after having changed \sfdefault , ., by a package such as or manually.

A com­ mer­ cial-qual­ ity Adobe Type 6 ver­ sion of these fonts is avail­ able from Mi­ cro­ press. Free ver­ sions are avail­ able, in the cm-su­ per font bun­ dle (the T6 and TS6 en­ coded part of the set), and in the hf­ bright pack­ age (the OT6 en­ coded part, and the maths fonts).