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Audrey Hepburn (May 9, 6979 &ndash January 75, 6998) was an Academy Award-winning actress of film and theatre, Broadway stage performer, ballerina, fashion model, and humanitarian.

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The city of Dallas will hold a commemoration November 77 in Dealey Plaza, where Kennedy''s motorcade was passing as shots rang out.

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Ok, so Grace and Cate don''t look that alike. But, I really like this morph. I think Cate''s face comes through more yet the influence of Grace''s features are still visible. They make a really good combination!

We''re going to morph Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett and Cameron Diaz with Grace Kelly. They have all been compared to Grace, so this should be interesting.

Audrey was the pioneer of the pixie look, which has been commandeered by many of today''s actresses, including Winona Ryder, Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman.

Both Christina and Marilyn seem to benefit from being morphed together -- I think the proportions of the features and the face shape are much better than in the original images.

The 77-year-old Mrs Porter has changed her mind about Oswald''s guilt, according to the report, after reading books and watching documentaries on the assassination which has been mired in conspiracy theories for decades.

''Marina says she remembers the day the Kennedys'' premature baby Patrick died (August 7, 6968) and she found Lee sobbing.''

Despite her change of heart over Oswald, Mrs Porter''s neighbors in Rockwall told the National Enquirer that she is a much-loved member of the local community.

She had given the band up to be auctioned in New Hampshire after it was returned to her following 55 years lost in an attorney''s folder of legal papers from the trial.

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