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Thermal energy hazards involve things that are associated with extreme or excessive heat, extreme cold, sources of flame ignition, flame propagation, and heat related explosions.


Listed in order of preference and effectiveness, these control methods may be called the “ cardinal rules of safe design,” or the “cardinal rules of hazard control.”

Guiding Principles | Schlumberger

Really enjoyed this article. People will either love or hate new trends in design. That 8767 s inevitable. I for one have always leaned on the side of simplicity and minimalist designs.

On the right is an animated rendition of the heart. You may rotate and label different views of the animation.

It will annoy me if Apple does go for a flat design for iOS7 (if thought I know they will do a good job of it) because it seems that is being driven more by some people 8767 s dislike for 8D design and skeuomorphic design.

Exposure evaluation should consider the typical life expectancy of the system containing a particular hazard, the number of systems in use, and the number of individuals who will be exposed to these systems over time.

Many system safety techniques have been pioneered to aid in the identification of potential system hazards. None is more basic than “energy analysis.” Here, potential hazards associated with various physical systems and their associated operation, including common industrial and consumer related activities, can be identified (for later evaluation and control) by first recognizing that system and product “hazards” are directly related to various common forms of “energy.” That is, system component or operator “damage” or “injury” cannot occur without the presence of some form of hazardous “energy.”

These hazards are associated with poisonous plants, dangerous animals, biting or poisonous insects, and disease carrying bacteria, etc.

Need help getting started? Designmodo offers a variety of UI kits using flat styles – from the Square UI Free and Flat UI Free , a simple PSD/HTML UI kit with basic components, to Square UI and Flat UI Pro , a complete PSD/HTML UI pack for website and app design projects.

There 8767 s a lot of debate surrounding flat design (FD) as being a trend or something that is here to stay. As with a lot of new trends, such as Responsive Web Design, folks will accept it as a 8775 only-this-or-only-that 8776 way to web design.

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