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Hi Joanie! This was great! I couldn 8767 t believe this was cooked in one minute! Yep! It was! But I did add sliced onion an garlic to it then PC it! It was amazing! I made the cheese sauce but I only added enough sauce to coat potatoes as I didn 8767 t want a soupy potatoe. It was awesome! I added. Buttered panko n extra cheese to top! Broiled as directed! It was a hit! Will make it again! Thanks sooo much!

Instant Pot Scalloped Potatoes | Joanie SimonJoanie Simon

A simple trick that is taught in most Hawaiian language courses as well as used in various books on Hawaiian language is:

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Turn the vent valve to closed, plug the Instant Pot in, push the 8775 Meat 8776 setting, and then bring the time down manually to 75 minutes. It will turn on automatically and will say 8775 On. 8776 while it comes to pressure for about 65 minutes.

I saw the timing and did the math too and thought 8775 oh crap! 8776 So it 8767 s great to know I can release the pressure myself earlier! I 8767 ve got an hour tops to create dinner! ?

Hmmm I don 8767 t think this would work with no rice at all. The cooking time and liquid ratio would be way off. Sorry about that!

[ ] Salsa Chicken from A Saucy Kitchen // Shrimp Risotto from Suzie the Foodie // Southwestern Chicken and Rice from Meaningful [ ]

The sections above gave you some of the basics behind the language itself and how it appears and sounds. However, there are a couple of simple tricks to help you figure out Hawaiian words quickly and pronounce them properly:

This Vegebase by Vogue Cuisine looks great. It ain 8767 t cheap, though! 67-ounce jar for $, wow! Is it cheaper elsewhere do you think? It 8767 s a dollar cheaper at Vitacost. Does it make that big a difference that throwing a whole bunch of good spices in the pot wouldn 8767 t be as good?

Set the chicken breast down in the Instant Pot right on top of the rack, and sprinkle sea salt, pepper, and herbs if you wish to the chicken as well as to the liquid in the pot as this will give the meat stock leftover great flavor for soups or other cooking.

Hi Elyse! The veggies from making your chicken can be tossed in to make bone broth, or can be blended up with the juices left in the pot for a yummy gravy!

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